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Youtubers Life: OMG Edition gets new fashion channel, Halloween event and 40% off

Latest news! Youtubers Life will be getting tons of new content soon. In a few days, you will be able to play the new Fashion channel, enjoy the Youtubers Life Halloween event, and even get 40% off if you don’t already have your copy of the game. Amazing, isn’t it? This is a huge thank you from U-Play Online after reaching incredible numbers since the game’s release at the time.

And to celebrate these awesome numbers, U-Play Online is happy to announce the new fashion channel! It will be released as a free DLC on Steam and consoles (and sold separately on mobile devices) on November 7. Your fashion channel will allow you to interact with your audience in engaging new ways, from designing your own clothes to tailoring any aspect of your everyday life. Who knows? Become quite popular and you will be invited by your sponsors to unique events where you will meet the biggest celebrities on the planet!

Challenge KimK, the biggest U-tuber in fashion, and try to get her crown … without losing her friendship!

Winter, summer, spring, fall? Choose your clothes carefully according to the time of year

You can create your own outfits. But your job doesn’t stop there – you’ll need to master your makeup and hair styling skills!


Buy and design your own outfits: you will need to combine different styles and colors, always keeping in mind how they adapt to the time of year!

Personalize every aspect of your personal life: you can design new outfits, experiment with makeup styles, and even get creative with your own haircuts!

Create Fashion Videos: Once you have adapted your first outfits, you can record a variety of videos about them. Start Getting Those Totally Deserved Followers!

Attend fashion events to become a celebrity – but be careful, because you have to dress properly if you are to make the cover of this fashion magazine!

Become the next supermodel: choose the best outfit and share the catwalk with the world’s top models in this fun mini-game!


We haven’t finished sharing good news! It’s that time of year and we’re already excited to treat or treat and think about what costume we should wear for our Halloween parties. And Youtubers Life won’t miss this special date, because the Halloween event is back! We’re also joining the Steam Halloween Sale with a 40% discount before the new in-game fashion channel arrives. October 31st will be a spooky night to remember!

Here’s what you’ll find when playing Youtubers Life from today through November 4:

New home and loading screens that will reflect the Halloween theme.

Shop for new Halloween-themed items, such as ornamental pumpkins for your home, from the store. You’ll also find a bunch of Halloween themed candies and candies for these days.

Zombify and dress like a real undead in case the dead come out of their graves. You can even choose unique zombie skin tones by creating a new character during this event! Because that’s what it is, isn’t it?

Unlock a new achievement by collecting featured Halloween items: Ornamental Pumpkin, Clothing, and Food!

And don’t forget, if you still don’t have your copy of Youtubers Life, you can get it in the Halloween Steam Sale for 40% off!

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