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Vogue pub threatened with legal action by fashion magazine

A 200-year-old pub threatened with legal action by international magazine Vogue over its similar name has received a framed apology.

Star Inn at Vogue owner Mark Graham, 60, posted on Facebook a picture of the framed apology letter sent to him by the magazine.

The letter, in an ornate-looking gold frame, was accompanied by a note of apology from the team at Vogue Magazine’s parent company, Condé Nast.

They wrote: “Dear Mark and Rachel, from one Vogue to another – please accept our apologies. – The Condé Nast team”.

Mark, a former Royal Navy veteran, won overwhelming support across the country after refusing to rename his pub on May 15.

After receiving a letter from Condé Nast asking him to change the name of the pub out of fear the public would assume the two were related, he replied with a sarcastic refusal.

Mark Graham, owner of the Star Inn at Vogue, Cornwall, with the village sign. Picture SWNS

The villagers of the small Cornish village of Vogue then threatened to organize their own “vogue fashion week“.

Condé Nast later quickly apologized and blamed their team’s lack of research on the pub and its location – the small Cornish village of Vogue.

He and his wife Rachel of 17 years have since featured in almost every national newspaper, Good Morning Britain and TV shows around the world.

He says he will even be appearing on a show in Australia this week, which has agreed to donate AU$500 to a charity of his choice for his appearance.

They’ve even seen an increase in clientele, with locals and tourists alike choosing to come to the pub out of loyalty and curiosity – even though they haven’t been in years.

The pub’s Facebook page has also exploded in popularity, reaching nearly 3,000 followers.

Mark Graham, owner of the Star Inn at Vogue, Cornwall, with his wife Rachel.  Picture SWNS

Mark Graham, owner of the Star Inn at Vogue, Cornwall, with his wife Rachel. Picture SWNS

Mark said the local community continued to gather around the pub. He explained: “We had a few people who came just to see the pub who had never been before.

“Two or three people or groups a day can come only because of the news.

“Meanwhile, the locals all come in and ask what is happening now. We had people who came after not being here for years.

“One of the local family also came over from Manchester for the week and out of all the places to dine here chose to come here.

“I couldn’t afford to buy this kind of publicity, to have spots on television shows and to be in all the newspapers.

“Some of our Facebook posts these days have also reached over 10,000 – and that was last night, it will be higher now.

“It was very kind of them to send the framed letter, which we will frame next to my response and their first letter.

“We find it funny though that now, after there’s been so much press, they’re very nice now – not so threatening!”

Mark Graham, owner of the Star Inn at Vogue, Cornwall.  Photo: SWNS

Mark Graham, owner of the Star Inn at Vogue, Cornwall. Photo: SWNS

The apology letter was written by spokesperson Christopher P. Donnellan of Condé Nast Publications Ltd.

In it, Mr Donnellan wrote: “Thank you very much for your letter dated March 15, 2022 and for responding with more information about your business and the hamlet of Vogue.

“We appreciate your response and learning more about your business in this beautiful part of our country.


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“I’m sure you’ll understand why we regularly monitor the use of the VOGUE name, including at Companies House (that’s how we were alerted to your company name).

“However, you are quite right to note that further research by our team would have identified that we did not need to send such a letter on this occasion.

“Everyone at Conde Nast wishes you and everyone at Vogue a great summer and for your next ‘American Night’ on May 18.”