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The SFPD warns that a man is impersonating an Italian fashion designer

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — No, you probably didn’t just score the latest high fashion from a man driving a white BMW SUV. According to the San Francisco police, you were probably the victim of a scammer posing as an Italian fashion designer.

According to a series of tweets yesterday from SFPD South Station, “there have been several recent reports of a man driving a white BMW SUV and claiming to be an Italian fashion designer.” The police warn the suspect that he is leaving the country and attempt to borrow money from the victims, promising that he will pay them back.

As “collateral”, the suspect leaves the victims with clothes he claims are high-end fashion.

“Southern Station urges all members of the community to beware of strangers asking for money,” the tweet thread continues. “Do not give money or personal information to a stranger.”

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