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How quickly homewares became the new fast fashion

The pandemic has proven a boon for cheap and cheerful interiors, but will on-trend furniture reach the same monstrous proportions as its clothing counterpart? COVID-19 has reduced our social lives to just one daily ‘stupid little walk’. With a walk around the block providing no good reason to wear anything remotely interesting – and stopping […]

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Fashion designer Gabriela Hearst: “I could always have started selling cattle again” | Fashion

HCome on, wait a minute, I want to show you something, ”said Gabriela Hearst, leaping from her chair into her spacious Manhattan office and searching for something on the shelves in the background of her Zoom frame. “These are my diaries from when I was 16 or 17 – let me check the date, uh […]

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K.NGSLEY Fashion Designer, Kingsley Gbadegesin, on the road

K. NGSLEY is a gender-neutral fashion brand launched by Kingsley Gbadegesin. A year after its launch, it won famous clients and a Teen Vogue cover. This is part of the Insider Entrepreneur Series Rising star, which highlights the first entrepreneurs. Loading Something is loading. Last name: Kingsley Gbadegesin Age: 28 Site: Brooklyn, New York Business: […]

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PlatformE acquires Catalyst AI to create sustainable fashion

Fashion technology company PlatformE has acquired AI group Catalyst AI. PlatformE facilitates the manufacture and production of textiles on demand. Based in Porto, Portugal, the company was founded in 2016. Research consultancy Catalyst AI uses artificial intelligence and data science to support businesses. Founded in 2016, Catalyst AI is based in Cambridge, England. As part […]

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Sustainable fashion manufacturer in Portugal for quality flannel shirts

Flannel shirts have gained immense importance over the past two centuries or so. The fabric is soft, durable, comfortable and warm because it is made with quality material as well as a lot of love and attachment. This is what Create Fashion Brand does – they produce high quality flannel shirts in Portugal. Flannel shirts […]

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How high fashion is making furniture in 2021

“The idea was to bring different people together,” Mabeo said. vogue. “I prefer to hire people who work in different types of materials, come from different geographies and have different mindsets. It’s less ‘Oh, here’s what I want to do’ and more ‘Okay, let’s see what we can find.’ A few kilometers away, in Miami’s […]

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Fashion brands at Design Miami & Art Basel Miami Beach 2021

The best fashion finds at Design Miami and Art Basel Miami Beach 2021 It’s not just art and design enthusiasts who have descended on Miami this week; the fashion crowd has also flocked to town, including luxury houses such as Loewe, Saint Laurent and Fendi Sunset-inspired scenes on Miami’s waterfront, kaleidoscopic artwork by Sol LeWitt […]

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Fashion magazine – Media kit

A fashion magazine for contemporary brands The VOU is a modern fashion magazine dedicated to busy readers looking for quick access to the latest fashion trends, top fashion brands, emerging fashion styles, innovative beauty updates and stunning clothing and accessories – from around the world. Led by a excellent editorial team with years of expertise […]

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28 designer interior decoration items for an avant-garde space

Photographed by Tracee Ross, Vogue, June / July 2020 Over the past few months, designer interior decoration has sparked my interest just as much as ready-to-wear and designer accessories. I found myself swapping the pillows on my couch as often as I change the shoes on my feet. Instead of buying another chic coat to […]

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Is fashion ready to put its supply chain on the blockchain? | BoF Professional, News and Insights

Fashion has been considering blockchain to trace its notoriously opaque supply chain for years. The technology has not yet been widely adopted, in part because it is not easy to implement. It requires information and participation from all suppliers along the chain, from tailoring factories to weavers, spinners, ginners and even farmers. Lately, however, disruptions […]

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21 Latinx-owned beauty and fashion brands to have on your radar

Latinx Heritage Month kicked off on September 15. While it is important to always support the brands owned by Latinx, it is especially crucial to stand up for them during a month that celebrates their many accomplishments, influences and cultural contributions. Latinx-owned beauty and fashion brands in particular – and there are a lot good […]

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How influencers are changing the landscape of the fashion industry – The Santa Clara

Over a decade ago, “Gossip Girl” costume designer Eric Daman scoured the grounds of private schools on the Upper East Side, browsing boutiques to curate the show’s fashion aesthetic. The 2007 show was strongly defined by its showcase of elaborate brands such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Ralph Lauren. Nowadays, Daman has shared with HBO […]

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How global supply chains are going out of fashion

Benetton Shifts Production To Asia As Shipping Costs Rise To boost manufacturing in Eastern Europe, Turkey and North Africa – CEO Relocation helps control supply chain and shorten lead times – CEO Similar issues faced by many in the apparel and consumer sectors MILAN, Sept. 30 (Reuters) – Fashion brands like Benetton are increasingly turning […]

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YouTube’s new fashion channel has all the stylish content you never knew you needed

I love a good YouTube session but, as a fashion and beauty fan, the only thing that irritates me is having to spend time looking for new content. The company clearly heard my complaints. YouTube launched a fashion channel on Thursday dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest style and beauty vloggers and celebrity talents. […]

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Portugal’s fashion industry is gaining momentum, thanks to his talent as a designer and textile manufacturing

It’s a scene that’s all too familiar during certain weeks of the year: trendy crowds sitting in venues ranging from minimalist to extremely opulent, models strolling the catwalks in the latest designs. . From March 25 to 28, designs ranging from avant-garde to elegant were presented in Europe, but it was not in one of […]