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Flannel shirts have gained immense importance over the past two centuries or so. The fabric is soft, durable, comfortable and warm because it is made with quality material as well as a lot of love and attachment. This is what Create Fashion Brand does – they produce high quality flannel shirts in Portugal.

Flannel shirts are essential for surviving the colder days in style. They pair perfectly with almost anything and can be worn with jackets, jeans, cargo pants, etc. Although centuries old, they have become an integral part of modern fashion.

All about fabric and flannel shirts

Flannel, also called Flannel or Flanell, most likely has a Welsh origin. Iconic flannel shirts are made from soft brushed or unbrushed fibers. Nowadays, the fabric is made of cotton, wool and sometimes synthetic fibers like nylon. The fabric is used to produce flannel shirts for women as much as flannel shirts for men. With properties such as high heat retention, its moisture-wicking cooling, medium stretch, etc., the shirts are suitable to be worn in winter, spring and autumn. This respectable fabric is also used to make sweaters and other cold weather clothing. It is also used to make accessories such as bags, handbags, belts, etc., as well as sportswear.

Flannel shirts always offer a serious fashion statement. The style of the comfortable shirts is very simple and the formal / casual look is always there. Shirts provide a simple look no matter what occasion they are worn for. Whether it’s a vacation, an outing, a business meeting, a job interview or whatever, flannels are your best friend. Plaid flannel shirts are known for providing an inspiring casual appearance. But some people mistake every plaid shirt for a flannel shirt. The point to note here is that plaid and flannel are not the same! There are checkered flannel shirts, but not all plaid shirts are made of flannel.

Which makes CFBs High quality flannel shirts?

CFB is known throughout Portugal and Europe for making exquisite flannel garments. Flannel shirts can be customized as customers want. Woven with loosely spun yarn to achieve desired softness, it can also be scraped or brushed for extra softness. They develop and manufacture flannels for men, women, all styles and ages, offering different types of flannel shirts made of different materials. Cotton is used for its moisture wicking properties, while wool is used to trap body heat. The way CFB produces them is what makes these flannel shirts one of the top quality flannel shirts in Portugal.

Everything is fully personalized:

The flannel shirts are made entirely according to the customer’s wishes. The prototype is designed perfectly as desired by the customer. The journey begins from the customer’s technical pack or reference sample. After analyzing and detailing it, the prototype is manufactured, in which further modifications and adjustments can be made with the approval of the customer.

the Source of the best fabric:

CFB uses locally produced fabrics that respect the environment. They also have an extensive network of quality suppliers around the world who offer top quality fabrics. While offering the widest range of options to choose from, they also work competently to control costs and quality for convenient and efficient production. In addition, focusing on providing the highest quality flannel shirts for their customers, different types of quality checks are carried out to determine the right fabric.

The range of fittings and accessories specified by the customer:

Like the flannel fabric, all other trims and accessories of the flannel shirts are obtained from local and global suppliers. But, all the accessories can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. Button, zips, labels. If you can imagine it, CFB can do it.

Cut and sew with precision:

The shirts are cut in-house in one of the special facilities of the CFB. For manual cutting, they have qualified personnel who guarantee precision. For the automatic cut, it uses state-of-the-art machines which are regularly updated for a cut of the best standard. In addition, the machines used are energy efficient and therefore contribute to environmental protection.

Additionally, all sewing for flannel shirts is also done in-house at another designated facility. The quality and precision of the stitching to produce premium flannel shirts are of the highest quality. For bulk production, CFB has a large sewing department in each of its different factories.

Custom labeling and packaging:

For each different production order, CFB offers the possibility of personalized labeling and packaging. The customer’s brand logo can be used on labels and on packaging, promoting brand identity.

What makes CFB one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Portugal?

CFB is a sustainable and reputable group based in Portugal of developers and manufacturers of high quality clothing. They started with the motive of creating fashion brands, hence the name. They deliver several thousand samples each year as well as bulk orders. As a leading fabric manufacturer for decades, they have devoted more than a decade to developing more environmentally friendly ways to produce the top quality flannel shirts in Portugal. All stages of product development are ethical and environmentally friendly. CFB uses recyclable fabrics for waste minimization and resource efficiency. Focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, more than half of the energy used in its facilities comes from photovoltaic panels. All the machines in the production lines are energy efficient. In addition to that, they modernized their factories to minimize the consumption of water, air conditioning, etc.

Present in the field for decades, CFB has developed all other types of clothing. At CFB in addition to flannel shirts, you can also make other types of high quality clothing such as:

  • Shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Crew Necks
  • Pants / Jeans
  • Vests
  • Dresses

In summary

CFB is a modern group that manufactures sustainable and ethical fabrics. Produce top quality flannel shirts in Portugal, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are used. They use recycled, organic and locally produced raw materials. Customers who choose CFB for manufacturing choose many environmentally friendly practices. Apart from that, more than a hundred families earn their living working for the CFB. They receive decent wages and work in accordance with EU regulations.



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