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Namewee responds to allegations that YouTube channel hack was a gimmick

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Namewee almost lost all of his YouTube videos two days ago due to a hack on Wednesday, April 6.

Videos he had been working on for almost 13 years disappeared and his username was replaced with a phrase in Russian.

Luckily, he managed to get his videos back the same day and thanked those who helped him get his account back in order. He also thanked his fans for supporting him all these years.

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However, Namewee’s Facebook post on Thursday, April 7 indicated that not everyone was on his side.

These parties claimed that the “missing videos” dilemma was just a publicity stunt.

In classic Namewee fashion, he responded to the allegations and said thousands of people helped get his YouTube account back.

According to his message, the parts that helped him were:

  • YouTube headquarters in Malaysia
  • YouTube Taiwan
  • YouTube Asia
  • WebTVAsia
  • His colleagues in his company

He added that all these parties together totaled at least 1,000 people and they had put in a lot of effort to save his channel.

If it was a gimmick, I’ll be exposed if any of the thousands of people decide to discredit me.

Namewee wrote on Facebook.

Namewee ended his post by saying that whoever chose to believe it was a gimmick must have suffered some form of brain damage.

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