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Milwaukee fashion designer takes her looks to Paris and Milan

MILWAUKEE – Fashion designer from Milwaukee is on the trip of a lifetime! Therese Marie Jones has been selected to exhibit her work at Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris.

Carole Meekins from TMJ4 spoke to her before her big trip.

Carole: When you think of Milwaukee, you don’t see it exactly as a fashion creation hub, and to follow up on Paris Fashion Week, can you tell us how you did that, Thérèse?

Therese Marie Jones: I just put my heart and soul in and do a lot of shows here in the city. I had the opportunity to go to NYC and all over the country and then as Paris Fashion Week approached I applied and they got me in and they told me : “We would like to put you in Milan as well!” And do both! ‘ And I’m like ‘Yes! Sign me up. I am here!’

Carole: You have clothes for all sizes, you are very inclusive. Why is this important?

Therese Marie: I am a tailor and I have been here, my shop is called Therese Tailoring Boutique. So I have been working with women of all shapes and sizes for many years. When I really started to launch my fashion brand, I thought that was also important, and to show it on the catwalk as well. So on the track I have sizes zero, two, eighteen, twenty-four!

Carole: I often think when we think of fashion we think of size zero or size two, and you know that can’t include everyone. But I think everyone wants to look good.

Therese Marie: I dress people for their birthdays for special events, a red carpet, and everyone wants to feel comfortable and good, and it’s really important for my brand to make sure everyone looks good. feels good, comfortable and looks good.

Carole: I am very impressed, thank you for being able to at least represent Milwaukee well, wow!

Therese Marie: I’m the only one from Milwaukee who’ll be on the show, and a black African American designer on the show, in both shows, so I’m really, really excited for that.

Carole: How did you get the creativity or the confidence to figure out that, you know what, I could do that, I can go there?

Therese Marie: One of the first steps is to overcome fear and face the fear, and once you get past that, the sky is the limit – there is no ceiling. I love it. I love to create, I love to make people feel amazing. And so it helped me face my fears and now I’m getting on a big stage and a big platform.

Carole: Thérèse, do you have a secret for those who might be a little challenged by fashion on what they could do to enhance their look?

Therese Marie: Well, you can always find a good tailor. Find a good tailor to help you add something more. You can do something different with the fabric. You could do something different with the style, the cut. Do something more like add glitter, bangs. Have fun with it!

Carole: Therese Marie, thank you very much for being with us this morning and Positively Milwaukee.

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