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Living your life, Georges Dambier and fashion

Considering that fashion and photography are a privileged way of reflecting on time and memory, the exhibition Living your life, Georges Dambier and fashion presents the singular vision of the photographer in the context of Parisian haute couture of the 1950s. The universe of haute couture, magazines and fashion photography often features the woman-object. Far from this stereotype, the gaze of Georges Dambier (1925-2011) reveals women who are certainly beautiful and sophisticated, but also free, sure of themselves, dynamic, joyful, spontaneous, sometimes melancholy. Anna Karina, Barbara Mullen, Bettina, Brigitte Bardot, Capucine, Dorian Leigh, Fiona Campbell-Walter, Françoise Dambier, Gigi, Gunilla, Ivy Nicholson, Karen Blanguernon, Marie-Hélène Arnaud, Nina, Suzy Parker, Sophie Litvak are the women who animate the thirty-nine paintings selected by Georges Dambier, divided around six themes: Couture spirit; A Woman in the City; Scenario: fashion photography revealed; Real and surreal: fashion photography, a universe between dream and reality; Invitation to travel: fashion in the world according to Georges Dambier; Portugal, 1957.

Commissioner: Anabela Becho

Living your life, Georges Dambier and fashion
May 6 – October 30, 2022
National Museum of Traje, Lisbon
Largo Julio Castilho, 1600-483 Lisbon, Portugal

The photography of Georges Dambier (1925-2011) depicts updated haute couture, seen through the prism of a profoundly modern fashion. Dambier’s register is contemporary in the proper sense of the term, it is done in the present, in its present. In the work of this French photographer, time and memory mingle with Parisian couture and its tradition, to nourish the memory of an important register of one of the golden ages in the history of fashion. . Enriched with unpublished essays and photographs, this book presents the quite singular photographic work of Georges Dambier from an equally original angle, underlining its link with the fashion culture of the 1950s.

Author and scientific coordinator: Anabela Becho
Invited authors: Guillaume Dambier, Julia Guillon, Pedro Augusto, Sylvie Roy
Design: Bloody Mary and Braun
Object Photography: Pedro Rosário Nunes
Edition: Direção-Geral do Património Cultural / Museu Nacional do Traje
1st edition, 2022
Number of pages: 250
Number of images: 123
Photos: Georges Dambier Photos; National Museum of Traje; Diktats bookstore; Dior Heritage; Balmain legacy; Palais Galliera, Fashion Museum of the City of Paris; Colecção Anabela Becho