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Liam Neeson’s Channel 4 Derry Girls appearance blew viewers away, but there’s ‘a flaw’

The Derry Girls remained hysterical as the show made a dramatic return for its third and final season, featuring a very special guest star.

It’s been three years since the last series of the beloved Channel 4 show aired and the lives of the five teenagers living through the Troubles in Northern Ireland are more chaotic than ever. Spoiler alert for the plot ahead – this week the girls and James got their GCSE results.

Nerves got the better of them as they tried to find out what they got the day before today’s results. However, in true Derry Girl fashion, the band found themselves at the center of a robbery – which led to a very unexpected guest.

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Liam Neeson in Derry Girls

Liam Neeson

made a hilarious appearance as the policeman was forced to listen to the girls’ explanations of why they were there. In an interesting confrontation between Liam and the infamous Uncle Colm whose stories never seem to end, viewers found themselves angry at the swap.

Taking to social media, viewers couldn’t help but talk about the moment. @jonnymccrink loved it, writing, “Liam Neeson in #DerryGirls is the best surprise appearance ever.” @Laura_Joyce_ added: “I mean it’s really fantastic, what a great first episode of the last season #DerryGirls.”

Another fan @KateAlvanley commented, “We totally love #DerryGirls @Channel4 ..not least #LiamNeeson guest star.” @Kezarus1 imagined how Liam’s hiring went down, writing, “I really hope Liam Neeson approached them for the role or immediately responded with a ‘yes’ when offered.”

@PeteMacKenzieRN knew exactly what reaction the appearance would have caused, joking, “*Check Twitter* Yeah, #LiamNeeson is blowing it all up.” @MsWherewithal laughed, “Uncle Colm vs. Liam Neeson. My little mind blew! #DerryGirls” with @webbor13 claiming, “This 10 minute #DerryGirls news opening will go down as one of the funniest 10 minutes with Liam Neeson”.

But some fans all pointed out the same “flaw” with the episode – it just wasn’t long enough. @m1key_m wrote: “God, I missed Derry Girls. Can’t believe this is the last season. The only downside to tonight’s episode is that there weren’t enough @siobhni in! #DerryGirls”

@Snarglepip added, “My main issue with the #DerryGirls episodes is that they’re just too short. I need more!”

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