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Liam Gallagher has launched a fashion collection at a department store – and it’s not Primark, New Look or H&M

Manchester music mogul Liam Gallagher launched a collection at one of the UK’s most popular stores today and people are going wild. The collection is already nearly sold out online, so shoppers will now have to flock to select stores if they want a chance at a piece.

To celebrate the release of his third album and two huge upcoming Knebworth shows, the former Oasis frontman has teamed up with luxury retailer Selfridges on an exclusive collection that includes brands including CP Company, Barbour, Finlay, Nigel Cabourn and Sage Nation. The products are available online and at Selfridges London, Manchester Exchange Square and Manchester Trafford, from today. Each store hosting a pop-up area to celebrate the launch.

The collection sees Gallagher collaborating with select brands with Selfridges in a variety of ways. Barbour has created unique jackets that have been treated and recycled, and include Liam Gallagher patches. CP Company has laser engraved its RKID logo and slogan on its iconic goal badges, as well as its prints on t-shirts. Finlay sunglasses have been detailed with the LG initials, and Sage Nation’s blouse features images of Gallagher, while Gallagher himself helped design a range of items for Nigel Cabourn such as shorts, trousers , hats and jackets.

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Prices are really reasonable, starting at £15 for a tote bag, while bucket hats are £30. Prices rise for items like coats, with the most expensive piece costing £295. Most parts are now sold out online, so if you can get to a store, we recommend it.

While the collection launched online earlier today, no one has yet seen what’s on offer in Selfridges stores. Not until now, that is. We’ve got an exclusive preview of every item inside the Manchester Trafford Center store, so you can see it before anyone else.

Liam Gallagher has launched a collection in a department store – and it’s not Primark, New Look or H&M

The partnership was entered into by Selfridges and Warner Music’s WMX licensing and retail team. The team, alongside Gallagher and his management, also ran a competition with Manchester Metropolitan University to find fashion students to design original graphics to print on garments to be sold alongside the designer products. . The winners of the competition have been announced as Niamh & Aoife Dobson and Hari Thavanendran.

Liam's Selfridges collection is nearly sold out online
Liam’s Selfridges collection is nearly sold out online

Niamh & Aoife Dobson developed their own range of CDs within the brand and glued them together to create the final set of designs. While Thavanendran used digital methods to produce rough brushstrokes that highlight Gallagher’s recognizable symbols.

Bosse Myhr, director of menswear and womenswear at Selfridges, said: “This collection is an iconic way to celebrate the undeniable impact Liam has had on British style. Liam’s direct involvement with the brands in product design and curation is a real point of difference and the inclusion of graphics designed by young talent from Manchester is a great reference to Liam’s roots. Nigel Cabourn’s exclusive package is remarkable, a true celebration of British fashion and culture.

Liam Gallagher in Nigel Cabourn for Selfridges
Liam Gallagher in Nigel Cabourn for Selfridges

Sam Eldridge, of Liam Gallagher’s management team, said: “Liam Gallagher is not just one of the biggest rock stars of all time, but a true fashion icon and a trendsetter whose style and influence can be seen from the high streets to festival grounds across the country.We are delighted to partner with iconic store Selfridges for these unique events, which celebrate Liam’s style, with limited edition pieces from brands – Barbour, CP Company, Finlay, Nigel Cabourn and Sage Nation – who have been part of Liam’s story since the We are also very excited to partner with the Manchester Fashion Institute, inspiring the next generation of innovators and creatives.

Sophie Bishop, Director, Retail Merchandise A&R, WMX, said: “Liam is not only a legendary artist and leader, but he is also a fashion and cultural icon. This collaboration unites Liam’s unique style with world-class brands and celebrates his incredible new album and Knebworth’s upcoming shows. Liam also wanted to highlight and showcase the emerging designs that led us to partner with MMU. Through the competition, we hope to inspire and give a platform to the next generation of fashion designers.