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LAYERS Modular Sneakers ready for more sustainable fashion and economy

A sustainable future is truly possible with many large companies working on eco-friendly solutions. Whether it is products or services, there is the goal of efficiency towards a secure future and a healthy, livable planet for our children.

Layers is a durable sneaker system that is self-locking. In addition, it benefits from a renewable design intended for a circular economy. The modular sneakers are the result of a project that aims to facilitate a triple innovation. This includes increasing product life, encouraging customization, and moving to renewable footwear from a traditionally disposable design.

Creator: Diogo Pimenta

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The LAYERS sneaker system was nominated in 2021 for the Green Concept Award. It has been recognized for its design and goals. Diogo Pimenta knew what he was doing because he made his design easy to put together and take apart.

It is a fact that for sneakers to be durable, they must be properly glued, sewn and assembled. The process is efficient, but it makes the sneakers difficult to disassemble or recycle. The unsustainable method now has a solution: a self-locking system.

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The new system consists of three main components: the sole, the outsole and the fit. They make the shoes easy to put on and take off. The system also reduces the number of too many or complicated elements in the shoe. This then results in easier maintenance, upgrading and recycling for future use.

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Three-piece modular sneakers will enter the circular economy. It’s not the first pair of durable shoes we’ve seen, but we haven’t heard of modular sneakers until LAYERS. The pair allows full customization and reduces the carbon footprint. The latter is possible because the sneakers are made locally in Portugal whereas usually the production of sneakers is based in Asia.

The modular system allows the user to customize materials, colors, shapes and finishes. The system will allow you to design and create your own pair of sneakers that is unlike any other. Feel free to express yourself with the LAYERS as the shoes enable sustainability while supporting the local economy. For the eco-conscious, a low carbon footprint can be noted.

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Diogo Pimenta shared a roadmap being promoted in Europe. The European Green Deal aims for a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050. A circular economy seeks to discover more opportunities for innovation in different phases, from design to production.

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Diogo Pimenta thinks the design process is very crucial because it can lead to change early. It is possible to make adjustments in the design process so that designers and manufacturers can refocus. You can make changes as you go through different processes, especially in the footwear industry.

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