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LA Fashion Production House is the secret weapon of a new fashion designer

LA Fashion Production House

New and emerging fashion designers have a new secret weapon in the fight against fast fashion.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 30, 2021 / – New and emerging fashion designers have a new secret weapon in the fight against fast fashion. Not to mention a crucial resource for creating memorable fashion samples to inspire customers to go the extra mile for quality clothing. Mainly for LA fashion production.

Jennifer Evans, founder of Los Angeles fashion production house The Evans Group (TEG), offers new and emerging fashion designers the opportunity to create couture no matter what their background.

The TEG difference in fashion production in LA

The Los Angeles clothing maker shows established and new fashion designers why good clothing manufacturing can make or break your business. It also affects the bottom line of your clothing business.

With strawberries, experienced seamstresses, model makers and design experts, TEG does everything to help fashion designers create a fashion collection that transcends seasonal trends.

TEG also practices ethical and sustainable production practices reducing the notorious environmental impact of the fashion industry.

The manufacture of TEG clothing in good faith

Proud to boast that all clothing is ‘made in LA’, Jennifer Evans takes pride in developing exciting new brands and collections. And for good reason. Since 2005, TEG has acquired nearly 2,000 clients.

And not all clothing companies are new to the field, either. Industry giants like Guess and Banana Republic have worked alongside the Los Angeles-based clothing maker.

Banana Republic, in particular, has partnered with freelance designer Greg Lauren to create a quality menswear line, aptly titled “Made in LA”

Along with Greg Lauren, Jennifer Evans and her team, at the request of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), designed a product for fall 2016. It was ready for the following New York Fashion Week show .

With distressed twill, vintage fabrics and expert garment manufacturing, “Made in LA” has proven that Los Angeles is easily the premier epicenter of garment manufacturing.

The TEG clothing manufacturing formula

So how does Evans and the roster of some of LA’s top design talent make visions turn into tangible things?

Curious and ambitious fashion designers begin by meeting Evans and his team to discuss ideas, brainstorm and understand the crucial details.

Then the Creative Director and Jennifer develop the TEG Spec Sheets, basically all the relevant information to make the best product possible.

Most of the production then takes place. The various pattern makers, seamstresses, style experts and Evans herself spend hours studying patterns, researching fabrics, and making sure the entire clothing line is a cohesive style.

Evans and TEG reach out to local Los Angeles factories and city textile workers who are familiar with the fabric to continue making the perfect product. Raw experience and years of clothing orders ensure that fashion production jobs in Los Angeles are plentiful.

This practice is reminiscent of Evans’ long experience in sewing. She stressed the importance of hiring former factory workers to create local jobs in Los Angeles. It has been consistent with this particular practice, continuing it well over the 15 years of TEG’s activity.

The team reaches the finish line in 4 to 8 weeks. Rush orders are available at an additional cost for those who need their clothes quickly. Subsequently, a production manager contacts the customer to establish a price for the clothing samples.

What does this mean for new fashion designers?

In short, that means fashion designers looking for a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles are in luck. But that doesn’t mean that emerging designers keen to launch clothing lines are being left behind. TEG provides international services for the manufacture of samples, with no minimum.

Evans and expert textile workers, pattern makers, and design staff allow even the most seasoned Los Angeles fashion designers to benefit from expert design services at a fraction of the cost of other West Coast apparel manufacturers.

With a long list of impressive clients, some smaller, some more established, Jennifer Evans and TEG are creating a haven for independent designers who need to start a clothing line in Los Angeles.

The city of Los Angeles creates a unique form of fashion, and Jennifer Evans and TEG aim to bring unique ideas to life.

About the Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers. The Evans Group is proud to be one of the few fashion houses in the United States with unique skills and goals for independent fashion designers. With talented seamstresses, pattern makers and fashion designers, TEG empowers emerging designers to create a clothing line.

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