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There are many sides to Sophia Dias, but around the world she is known as the innovator of futuristic, full coverage unisex sunglasses, GOA-Warp, with her latest collection handcrafted in Italy. Born to a Portuguese father and an Asian Indian mother, who she says fell in love with Goa, a former Portuguese enclave, Sophia found their story magnificent and was inspired by them to create her designs when she created her company in 2014.

“I am fortunate to have fantastic parents. Their lives have given me many opportunities, including exposure to the cultures that make up the world, ”said Sophia. The Sunday Gleaner.

Her upbringing turned her into a globetrotter from the earliest stages of her development, living partially in India, China and Europe and vacationing in Jamaica, which she calls her ‘second home’ because ‘I’ spent so much time, traveling Jamaica on vacation as a child [and] in my adult life [visited] so often and have managed to forge great friendships here. I even spent time learning how to sauté chicken for my love of cooking ”.

The designer has taken up residence in Chicago and has become a respected and valued presence in the city’s cultural and business section. However, experiences of domestic violence led her to find other creative outlets, including cooking and writing, from which she founded the Sophia Dias Supper Club and became the author of a book called Sábio: a culinary journey, with a collection of about 30 dishes.

“The biggest setback was the part of my journey where, after working hard to be successful, there was a life partner – my ex-husband – who did everything to bring me down. A lot of people may wonder, but it’s the scariest thing about leaving an abusive marriage, and the easiest thing you can do is stick around and tell yourself that it’s going to get better and that it’s going to change or that a miracle is going to happen, but it doesn’t. You must have the courage to ask people and God to help you. This man to whom I was married and whose hands I endured immense trials and abuse after 17 years of blood, sweat and tears took everything from me. It got to a point where I was literally left to die, ”Sophia explained of the harsh reality she was facing.

“Domestic violence only started when we started making money with a business we started together and grew into a multi-million dollar business with a presence in 12 cities across the United States and now in over 17 countries around the world. The more money we made, the more infamous the way of life became – drugs, alcohol and even a second wife, call it that. When I won the criminal case at Chicago, he retaliated by taking everything I earned, every penny, and left me perpetually with US $ 20.40 in my bank account, and was ordered to leave my house for a one bedroom hotel. with my pets, ”Sophia explained.

She focused on writing down her emotions more. Like her day, which begins with her prayer, Sophia is now embarking on a career of recording music. Her first single is a prayer titled Psalms 23, originally written in French. And it wouldn’t have been fulfilling for her, she said, if she hadn’t moved in that direction with the help of her Jamaican allies. The check-in process went effortlessly, although at first she struggled to communicate her stress, especially “as a victim of any kind of abuse it becomes very difficult to talk to anyone. whatever, but despite the difficulty of everything else, Psalms 23 was easy for me to deliver ”.

Written at the height of the pandemic, while Sophia was in Istanbul, the song was recorded at Tuff Gong Studios by a team of experienced local musicians led by veteran producer Clive Hunt and mixed and mastered by Shane Brown. “I have become a master at wearing masks. I really didn’t know how to reach out to my God but I had taken the Bible from the hotel to read the Book of Psalms, [and] a year later, I’m in Jamaica to record my single, and it’s a dream come true.

“Music has been an important part of my life. When I was bored, my parents took me to art (music) lessons, and that lasted about 10 years. As a residential school student, we had to get involved in the choir, and now I can use it. I am really lucky to work with some of the best musicians like Hector Lewis, Michael Fletcher and Dean Fraser among others. They will help me bring my ideas for an album to life, ”Sophia said of her entire project, which will be a distillation of several genres, not just reggae music.

Her husband was convicted of aggravated assault in Chicago criminal court, but Sophia’s battles did not end there. In fact, she said that “the divorce process is coming to an end, but I still wonder about his reasons for everything he did. He could have walked away and given me what is mine. Another song from the album, Why, it is more or less that.

Her creativity, she says, is a family gift. Sophia, like her mother, is a clothier, but her perspective evolved seeing a rich cultural tapestry of people and places through voluntary service in women’s shelters during her travels, her involvement in charitable work. for children and her avid work as an animal rights activist has had a profound effect on her entire life, not just her design business. She currently sits on the Women’s Council of Catholic Charities.

“I volunteered in shelters when I was a teenager and I continue to do so in my travels because it reminds me of the lessons I have learned and, with my own experiences, I want to show young women what ‘there is help out there and people who care. ,” she said.

Above all, she wants to “bring this message that God is real and that Jesus walks with us wherever we go.” Some people talk about sex, drugs, and rock and roll in their music, but I think it’s sexy to talk about God and his power. I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, but I feared no harm because I felt that “you are” was with me. I want everyone to pray for me and with me.

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