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Fashion designer Rohit Verma breaks off her friendship with Nisha Rawal as she is dating someone Rohit DISAPPROVES?

Mumbai: Nisha Rawal is currently gearing up for the upcoming Ekta Kapoor-MX Player show ‘Lock Upp’ which will be hosted by Kangana Ranaut.

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Nisha and fashion designer Rohit Verma had been inseparable for a very long time. However, it seems that all has not been well between them for the past one or two months. Their friendship is over, at least for now.

Rohit’s role in Nisha’s life came to the fore when Nisha had an ugly breakup with her husband Karan Mehra. Nisha accused Karan of domestic violence and went public. And, Rohit was constantly by his side even if it meant being at the police station at odd hours of the night.

Reports suggest that Rohit felt that Nisha was asking him for help on something that was not right. Rohit explained to her, but to her surprise, Nisha was adamant that she was right and refused to see her point. Therefore, the two friends drifted apart.

Is Nisha dating someone Rohit disapproved of? Media sources say, “It’s still not clear.”

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