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Fashion designer Michael Lombard blows VIE Fashion Week with an unforgettable collection

Talented fashion designer Michael Joseph Lombard wowed VIE Fashion Week audiences with his latest and most unforgettable collection to date, the Intergalactic Psychedelic Collection. Lombard’s collection will remain at the forefront of the public’s minds as the designer won the “International Fashion Designer of the Year” award.

This award is given to the most talented and artistic designers of our current generation. It aims to showcase and applaud talents who know no borders. Michael Lombard was honored with this award after proving that he is not only a player in the fashion industry, he is a pioneer.

The three-day fashion extravaganza began on July 1 with an electric show from New York’s leather king – Michael Lombard. Michael closed the opening day with his latest collection, and for those who missed the jaw-dropping spectacle, the designer also hosted the premium slot on the closing day of VIE Fashion Week.

When you think of leather, your mind is automatically drawn to dark winter colors and familiar silhouettes. However, Lombard has once again shown that he is not afraid to push the limits when it comes to creativity. Her runway looks are distinguished by shiny metals and bold hues of pinks, blues, yellows and reds.

Not only do the clothes stand out from the crowd, but so do the accessories. Extravagant headdresses, jewelry and hats complemented the luxurious leather looks perfectly. Some models even sported studded headdresses, a look that gave off a warlike aura.

Michael’s studded and stylish intergalactic warriors marched to the beat of upbeat and energetic music. Those who wear a garment designed by Michael Lombard are fearless. Like Michael, they are not afraid to unleash and express their creativity. Her clothes embody the saying that life is really too short to wear ordinary, mundane clothes.

Fashion designer himself, Michael Joseph Lombard, sported one of his own designs as he waved audiences goodbye. It displayed a dark black felt with a rich red tone coming out from underneath. This color combination is timeless and iconic, which assures us that the garment will be at the top of everyone’s shopping list.

Other standout looks include the Candy Pink Leather Outfit Quintet. This fantastic, vivacious color is exactly on trend this season and Lombard’s all-leather looks have breathed new life into one of summer’s hottest trends.

Five of the models from Lombard’s latest runway show were dressed head to toe in a candy pink look. Pink is usually one of the softest and most delicate colors, but Michael takes the hue to a whole new dimension. As a fashion designer, Michael Joseph Lombard has a knack for combining traditionally contrasting concepts to create harmonious and innovative looks.

Take for example her pink leather mini dress, a garment that traditionally screams femininity. However, the high collar, long sleeves and studded element give this garment a whole new edge.

Leather jackets, blazers, dresses, shorts, pants, belts, shoes and headdresses were all on display at VIE Fashion Week. Lombard may be known as the king of leather, but he mixes and combines his luxury materials with fabrics, like cotton, polyester, and wool, to create a well-balanced ensemble.

No Michael Lombard show would be complete without the appearance of a guest celebrity. After all, the designer has dressed stars like Bebe Rexha, Rico Nasty, Paula Abdul, Prince Royce and Lele Pons. This year, Michael Lombard had the pleasure of welcoming reality TV stars Kelsea and Cole Moscatel as they made their runway debut at VIE Fashion Week in Dubai.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that the fashion world has been on guard, and everyone is waiting to see what Michael Lombard’s next step will be.

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