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Fashion designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and feminism | Euromaxx – Lifestyle in Europe | DW

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Street dance inspired by the ancient Egyptians

Italian dance group “Urban Theory” gets millions of clicks on TikTok with their synchronized performances. Named after the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, the tutting dance style is characterized by its angular arm positions.

Euromaxx Beaufort 21 Triennale, Belgium

Art on the coast in Belgium

Every three years, Belgian beaches are transformed into open-air galleries. And artists from all over the world exhibit their work. Their sculptures and installations evoke the marine ecosystem.

Euromaxx Deutschland Sozialsiedlung Fuggerei in Augsburg

Fuggerei celebrates its 500th anniversary: ​​the oldest social housing in the world

Jakob Fugger founded the Housing Project for the Poor in 1521. The annual rent was one Rhine guilder – or 88 cents today – and it has never increased. But to live here, you have to say three prayers a day.

Euromaxx Roboter bei der Pizzaherstllung

The pizza maker

In a Parisian restaurant, the machines have taken over. The pizza recipe comes from Thierry Graffagnino, triple world pizza champion.

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