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Dilone is living the life she always wanted to live

Photograph by Greg Swales. Dress, $3,450, missoni. high, $85, cost

Dilone was once so poor she had to jump turnstiles to take the subway to castings. Now she is making the leap from fashion to film.

Destined to be a one-name star, Dilone is a 27-year-old model-turned-actress who speaks with an expressive energy and openness that mirrors the invigorating poses she’s known for striking. Born Janiece Altagracia Dilone, the multi-hyphenated Dominican American who spends most of her time “everywhere” takes our call while visiting family in her hometown of Long Island, NY. plan provide an audible snapshot of his childhood in a large family. “It was awesome,” she says. “I grew up with nine siblings, so you can imagine there were a lot of personalities. But there was a lot of creativity and playfulness in the house, especially when we were doing shows. When it was bad it was 10 times worse, but when it was good it was really good. A lot of my siblings have an amazing sense of humor.

Photograph by Greg Swales. Dress, $2,405, Proenza Schouler. Earrings, $75, and rings, from $50, Lilou

From poetry to music, all types of artistic pursuits captured Dilone’s imagination as a child. But an inherent love of dancing and a decade spent studying a range of styles would be formative for her professional modeling debut. “Dancing shakes off all that negative energy and helps flush it out of my body,” she says. “It’s just such a beautiful way to express myself where words aren’t needed.” Tap, modern and hip-hop are some of her favorites, but she remembers finding a sense of deep connection to Latin American dances, such as bachata and merengue, which boosted her confidence when she was an imposing teenager. “I didn’t know how to appropriate my height,” she says. “I used to be terrified of dancing because I really thought I was going to hit the ceiling or punch someone in the face. Now – and I think modeling played a really big part in that – I can occupy all this space and the more space I occupy, the more beautiful it is.

And it’s beautiful, as proven here. While any good model knows how to move in front of the camera, Dilone is among the greats who possess the extraordinary ability to expand, bend and contort into graceful, otherworldly shapes with uninhibited ease. Members of this club include Coco Rocha and, of course, legendary model Pat Cleveland, the 70s star played by Dilone in Ryan Murphy. Halston on Netflix last year. “Growing up, I wanted to create; I wanted to express myself,” she says. “It’s so cool that I’m now living the life I always wanted to live.”

Photograph by Greg Swales. Dress, $2,195, Stella Jean. Boots, $745, Flor de Maria. Necklace, $350, Misho

Dilone may be living her dream today, but pursuing her creative aspirations hasn’t been without its challenges. After initially being dumped by a modeling agency when she decided to stop straightening her naturally curly hair, Dilone quickly became someone to watch when a job with stylist extraordinaire Katie Grand landed her on the runway. on the runway at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 show. A whirlwind of success followed. Dilone has landed top magazine covers, starred in major campaigns, and appeared on over 50 shows in one season. “It was non-stop – a really exciting time,” she says. “I remember calling my mum and saying, ‘You don’t have to struggle anymore.’ Before that, I literally had no money. I was jumping turnstiles trying to get to castings. I got arrested because of that. And now I was working with all these designers, I couldn’t to believe. As a sought-after face, Dilone was thrust into a whole new world, but her meteoric rise was punctuated with bumps and detours. “There’s been an evolution going on – a lot of loss of who I thought being and coming out,” she says, noting that she identifies as pansexual. “I got into drugs before modeling even took off, and it was really hard. I have been on my sobriety journey for over two and a half years. It really changed my life.

“When the outside world seems chaotic, you must go within.”

The same goes for mastering the art of letting go. “There were a lot of people who liked it. I wanted all the brands to like me, but how could I get myself to work for all the brands and still be authentic to myself? ” she says. “The baseline of my personality is a very goofy sense of humor, and that doesn’t translate as classy for many brands. So it’s been quite a journey of self-acceptance. To stay true, Dilone developed a practice of meditation and yoga to actively self-control.”When the outside world seems chaotic, you have to go inward,” she says.

Photograph by Greg Swales. Cardigan and top, $1,295 each, and skirt, $1,295, Brandon Maxwell. Earring (left), $2,110 and ear pin (right), $1,960, Katkim

Following the encouragement of a photographer, Dilone launched a few years ago in theater studies. Her hard work paid off: she landed a role in The newbie, an award-winning indie thriller from writer-director Lauren Hadaway released in late 2021. “I played that part, I’m not kidding,” she says of the role of Dani, whom she describes as a cool and sexy. Dilone adds that she is more drawn to independent films than Hollywood blockbusters. “There’s an element of ‘let’s go’ rather than trying to sell a movie and make crazy money.” Not that she would turn down a big-budget offer. “My dream would be an action role or a psychological drama, and I’m definitely ready to play a villain,” she shares. “The best part about acting is that you can do and say things that you normally wouldn’t think of in real life.”

Photograph by Greg Swales. Blazer, sweater, top, skirt, underwear and belt, price on request, Miu Miu. Earrings, $250, Fallon

Another benefit of future movie roles is that there will likely be more red carpet moments where Dilone can flex her fashion muscle and show off her androgynous aesthetic. The bold blue Versace jacket and pants she wore to the Outfest Los Angeles premiere in August 2021 The newbie a clue to how menswear-inspired pieces are central to her wardrobe. “I like comfort and I’m not super flashy,” she says. “I love putting on a blazer, it’s really my style. And I have Chloé wool pants from seasons ago that I’ll never get rid of. They remind me of dad’s pants. For spring, she’s got her eye on Miu Miu’s schoolgirl uniform-inspired collection.” I love that they took the costumes and all of the pieces, cropped and cut them, and made look sexy,” she said.

Photograph by Greg Swales. Top, $410 and pants, $585, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. Earring, $170, and ring, $175, Misho

So where will we see Dilone next? It remains a surprise: Her next film project has been pushed back due to COVID, and she can’t spill any teasers. Chances are we’ll hear from her instead. “I’ve been working on music for two years, and I hope to release something to the world soon,” she says. “I’ve been a songwriter since I was a kid; it’s a very big part of me. And I never wanted to talk about it prematurely, but I feel like I can start. Citing David Bowie, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Jeff Buckley among her biggest influences, Dilone will bring a personal touch to everything she offers. “What I love about writing, film or music – the arts in general – is when someone expresses something that no one else wants to talk about,” she says. “I love it when people create from this place. It’s so real, so human. Consider all of us ears.

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Photograph by Greg Swales. Coat, $2,800 and earrings, $375, Moschino. Skirt, $1,295, Brandon Maxwell

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