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Channel 5 looking for Scots to appear on new home improvement show

DIY SOS’s Mark Millar is looking for Scots to appear on a new Channel 5 home improvement show.

Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms is looking for new attendees who dream of their perfect property, the successful series has been restarted looking for new people ready to renovate.

Mark is looking for other contributors from across the country who are on the cusp of transforming their kitchens and bathrooms, arguably the most important rooms in the house.

Mark gave hopeful renovators some advice as he knows the struggle saying, “Kitchens and bathrooms cost the most money and add the most value, but they can be the toughest rooms.” to obtain.

“Pi Productions making the series is looking for people across the country and if you are interested in participating please contact [email protected]

Channel 5 is looking for Scots to appear on new home improvement show

With 30 years of experience, Mark is the right person to help design loving homeowners make their dreams come true.

He revealed what he’s looking for, his tips for people who are halfway through projects, and why fashion to beautify your home will always be popular.

He adds that the show is looking: “We want people who are crazy about kitchens and bathrooms to pitch their ideas and join us in creating life changing rooms and maybe I’ll bring you to the post. goal a little faster and a little easier than you would doing it yourself. “

Whether your dream decoration is already underway, or not even started yet, Mark and the team are ready for any project.

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He revealed: “As for the project, bring everything to our door and let us take a look! It can be a small or a huge build, we just want to find colorful, interesting and fun people. .

“People who want to show their necks and show the world how exciting they can be. In the last series of Kitchens and Bathrooms, I met people who had never even painted a wall before and during. the pandemic they’re stuck in and started to take their home and make it a home, where they never had time to do it before.

“If you want to take your kitchen or bathroom and want to create a really nice family space, contact us and we’ll help you go in the right direction.”

If you are looking to get expertise on your renovation, contact [email protected] for more information.

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