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Channel 4 Secret Spenders viewers slam the budding influencer and tell her to ‘get a good job’

Channel 4 viewers slammed a woman’s serial spending habit in the latest episode of Secret Spenders. With annual inflation and skyrocketing food bills, the show aims to help families trying to cut expenses.

Presenter Anita Rani traveled to Cardiff Bay to meet Mario who suspected his influential wife Zanif was spending all her money going out and buying designer items. Zanif, who is studying fashion and also works as a part-time hotel receptionist, and Mario earn a combined income of £2,500 a month and according to Mario they only have “about £20 or £30” left at the end of the month .

When Anita visited the couple at their flat in Cardiff, she was shocked to find out how many high-end designer shoes Zanif owns. Many disgruntled fans of the show took to Twitter to express their disappointment that she wanted to be an influencer.

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@DoucheAmuse tweeted: “Want to be an influencer? Get a silly job. He should run a mile. #secretspenders.” @rantymcmoanface chimed in: “Wants to be an influencer” = doesn’t want to work for a living #secretspenders.”

@FreddieLuton commented: “She wants to be an influencer, ffs find a good job, no wonder they’re on tv. #secretspenders.” They also tweeted a few minutes later, “Go back I’m not looking at someone who describes themselves as an influencer. #secretspenders.”

@Sarahmi56698657 also posted: “Wants to be an influencer, Wants to create a brand! and you wonder what’s wrong with the world! , #secretspenders.”

Analyzing Zanif and Mario’s bank statements, financial expert Peter Komolafe was in disbelief when he saw the high volume of transactions that had taken place. Zanif, meanwhile, replied, “I cringe at price tags and that’s why I don’t look at statements.”

Zanif regularly indulges in expensive meals at high-end restaurants in Cardiff and spends £600 a month on beauty treatments. Anita tells the pair that if they ditch the high-end designer products and stop impulse buying hot tubs, they could save £7,416 in just one year.

Secret Spenders is on Channel 4 on Thursday May 19 at 8 p.m.