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Bjarke Ingels Group designs a “fashion village” on the hill of Porto

Images courtesy of BIG
Danish architect Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) designed a 24-building development in the city of Porto, based on the headquarters of Anglo-Portuguese online retailer Farfetch.

The buildings of Fuse Valley are located on a series of urban terraces organized around plazas, parks and courtyards that provide social spaces.

The 178,000 m² headquarters of Farfetch, which will form an “urban fashion village”.

Farfetch’s development will include 12 interconnected buildings that can accommodate up to 3,000 employees. The facades of the ground floor retract to create canopies and the chamfered angles of the buildings create arches and openings.

Bjarke Ingels, Founder of BIG, said (https://big.dk/#projects-fv): “Rather than a corporate office complex, Farfetch’s future home in Fuse Valley will be a vibrant urban ensemble bringing together every curator, designer, client and collaborator together in the city’s most innovative new district.

“The urban fabric will allow Fuse Valley to grow and expand organically, like a natural village. “

Joao Albuquerque, responsible partner of BIG, said: “The individual buildings that make up the different elements of the organization are connected to form large contiguous work environments – physically consolidated, but spatially varied to create a human-scale experience. .

Work on the project is expected to start in 2023 and be completed by 2025.

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