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Beanie Feldstein Monica Lewinsky: the actress’ best looks

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As the buzz for ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’ mounts, our eyes are on Feldstein, who plays Monica Lewinsky on the series.

We’re on the precipice of transforming Beanie Feldstein into a star in her own right.

Known for her roles in Lady Bird and Booksmart, the actor has slowly but steadily gained a “movie star” momentum, receiving praise from critics and a devoted fan who follows him in the process. Widely regarded as one of the easiest to understand, most down-to-earth, and endearing young actresses on the planet, it feels like Feldstein is Peter Parker just before he turns into Spiderman. – and Monica Lewinsky is the spider bite.

Ryan Murphy’s Season Three American Crime Story: Impeachment (premiering September 7) is already a must-have for fall. Starring the aforementioned former White House intern, Feldstein is at the heart of the animated miniseries about the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal. If that wasn’t enough, it was also recently announced that Feldstein would play Fanny Brice – the role that helped make Barbra Streisand a star * and * Oscar winner – in a production of Funny girl, who is returning to Broadway for the first time in 58 years.

As Emmy nominations, Tony and Golden Globe are sure to follow, we’re excited to see more of Feldstein’s dynamic and playful fashion. Never the type to shy away from color or interesting silhouettes, the first FASHION The cover star has become one of the most exciting stars to see on the runway, in part thanks to her stylist Erin Walsh.

To celebrate this rising star, here are some of our favorite Beanie Feldstein fashion moments – on and offscreen – so far.

American Crime Story: Impeachment

Feldstein wears Lewinsky’s now iconic beret in a promotional photo for the new series.

Aerie Real Summit

Wearing a patent leather Tibi skirt and Sergio Rossi heels, Feldstein spoke at the #AerieREAL Summit in New York in 2020.

Oscars 2020

The actor attended the awards show in a monochromatic Miu Miu ball gown and instantly made it onto every best dressed list on the internet (including ours!).

2020 Independent Spirit Awards

Dressed in a custom Markarian design, Feldstein was a breath of fresh air at the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards, where she supported director Olivia Wilde as she won Best First Feature for Booksmart.


Fashion in Booksmart We haven’t talked about it enough and we are here to fix it. Feldstein’s character Molly wears a denim jumpsuit, blue scarf and fanny pack to celebrate her last night as a high school student and we love this 1970s nightclub meets teenage style moment 2019.

New York street style

Photograph by Getty Images

More is more – at least when it comes to that over-the-top look. Pairing a gingham dress with a graphic long-sleeved top, Feldstein showed off his daring style while running around New York City.

Critics’ Choice Award 2020

Putting on a custom Lela Rose dress, Feldstein once again proved that she is the queen of color mixing.

Athena Film Festival 2020

Beanie Feldstein mod dress
Photograph by Getty Images

In a particularly trendy moment, the rising star wore a high-neck mini dress with voluminous sleeves to attend the awards ceremony for the 2020 Athena Film Festival.

Golden Globes 2020

Perhaps our everyone’s favorite look (and to say the least!), Feldstein shone in this Oscar de la Renta custom set.

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