November 11, 2019

A loan at the client’s home – who grants it?

Until recently, the client had to bother to get the loan himself. Today, money goes to him – if he chooses a non-bank company offer with the option of delivering cash home. Let’s check how this service looks in practice and which loan institutions will allow us to use it.

The online non-bank loans market is becoming more and more popular among customers.

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This fact is undoubtedly influenced by the speed of this type of institution and the reduction of required formalities to a minimum. For online loans, it’s usually enough to complete a short application and confirm your identity by bank transfer. However, documents confirming employment or other certificates are required in special cases.

The lender’s decision to grant a loan is usually made after a few minutes. If it is positive, cash is withdrawn to the customer’s account. A bank transfer is the fastest way to transfer money from a loan to the borrower.

Despite the benefits of such a solution, not all customers of non-banking companies want their money to pass through bank accounts. For this reason, the lenders decided to launch other methods of withdrawal – so that each borrower could collect the money in a convenient way.

How does a client’s home loan work?

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One of the solutions used by loan institutions is the option of delivering the loan directly to the customer’s address. After prior telephone arrangements with the company’s consultant, the lender’s representative goes to the address provided with the appropriate amount of cash. During the visit, all documents required for the loan are also often signed.

In addition, an installment repayment plan and form of repayment may also be established. In terms of repayment, the borrower can also choose to receive the installment by a company representative. If the customer decides to do so during a representative’s visit the lender also sets specific dates for his next visit. After completing all formalities, cash goes to the hands of the borrower.

A loan at the client’s home or a few words about convenience

A loan at the client

A home delivery loan is a solution not only for those who for some reason prefer to stay away from banks, but also for people who have difficulties with timely payment. In the case of this type of products, it is the company’s representative who will ensure timely repayment of the debt. Our task is only to collect the appropriate amount in cash and presence at home on a pre-determined date. All the rest of the activities related to servicing the loan need not be our concern, which undoubtedly affects the high comfort associated with the use of such products.